KARAMA at the
American Library Association

KARAMA did some investigation of various libraries around the country and learned that many small- and medium-sized libraries have very limited collections on the Arab and Islamic world.  Many have very little on Palestine and Palestinians, and have almost nothing for young readers.

Arab and Islamic World, Richness of Culture, Palestine, and Youth and Young Adult book lists To meet this need, KARAMA has developed five annotated lists of books that we believe should be considered when procurement opportunities arise. One, called Books on the Arab and Islamic World, was developed for the 2012 conference in Anaheim.  It is available here.  The remaining four lists were developed for the 2011 mid-winter meeting in San Diego and are divided into the following categories:

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KARAMA exhibited at the 2012 annual American Library Association in Anaheim June 21-26.  All of the lists were distributed.  We also raffled off a copy of Salman Abu-Sitta's monumental Atlas of Palestine, 1917-1966. The winner was a librarian from the Boulder, Colorado, library.